Eling Tide Mill

Eling Tide Mill - Our flour

Eling Tide Mill produces 3 flours,  Flour of the Forest, Stone Ground Wholemeal Flour. This is our completely local 'New Forest Marque' flour, as it is milled from grain grown just a few miles away on the Cadland Manor Estate in the New Forest. The grain is currently Solstice an English breadmaking wheat, which we mill finely for best rising.

We are also now using this grain to produce Flour of the Forest brown Flour which is now available to buy.

Canute Brand Stone Ground Wholemeal Flour is the second flour we produce ourselves, this time from an English, high protein, breadmaking wheat that is free from pesticides and grown naturally but not local, and milled for fullest flavour rather than best rising.

Flour is available to buy at the mill priced at £2.00 per 1.5kg bag. We can provide larger amounts and prices are available via email or telephone.

Email flour@elingtidemill.org.uk

We are delighted that The Mill at Gordleton are now using our Flour of the Forest Wholemeal for baking their flavoured breads, rolls, some pastries and biscuits. For details of dining and facilities at The Mill at Gordleton see thier website:-


You can also buy flour from our stockists:-

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