Eling Tide Mill

Eling Tide Mill flour

The Eling Experience Project is well under way with essential conservation to the mill and its machinery and exciting changes to our Heritage Centre, Café and outdoor area.

We are currently unable to produce any flour which is why you cannot find any for sale locally. The good news is that we will be up and running again from Summer 2016 and there will be flour available from this time (if not sooner).

We are keen to hear from people who use our flour for making breads and other products. We have one very good customer who uses it to make dog biscuits – lucky dogs!

You can email us with your comments, pictures and recipe’s at flour@elingtidemill.org.uk, we would love to hear from you. Flour will be a vital part of the Eling Experience project and we hope that as soon as it is available again, you will continue to support us, by buying it.

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Eling Tide Mill flour
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