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About Us

Eling Tide Mill is a water mill that harnesses the power of the tide to grind wheat into flour. Situated on the edge of Southampton Water beside the renowned New Forest - there has been a mill on this site for over 900 years.

It ceased to be a working mill in the 1940s, but had the good fortune to survive until it was restored between 1975 and 1980, at which time it reopened as both a working mill and a museum to form part of our industrial heritage.

In 2015, the mill closed again to undergo further restoration and refurbishment with funding from HLF, Totton & Eling Town Council and New Forest District Council, re-opening and rebranding in 2018 as Eling Tide Mill Experience.

It is one of the only fully working and productive tide mills in the United Kingdom, producing flour as it has throughout the last millennium. In fact one of a handful of tide mills in the world still producing flour on a regular basis.

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