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We have now exhausted our stock of flour. For future requirements please email:
We will update the website when we are back in production


When Possible


Using the same method as millers from days gone by, our freshly milled flour is available for sale in the gift shop:

  • 1.5kg bag at £3.00 

  • 750g bag at £2.00

  • Larger quantities available on request - message FB or send email

At Eling we produce two types of flour; wholemeal and brown.

Wholemeal is produced by running wheat through the stones, nothing added or taken away.

Brown flour is produced by putting wholemeal flour through our flour dresser. This is a large sieve that takes out the bigger flakes of bran. Brown is not always available.

We recommend you visit the Mill Cafe where you can find items on the menu including sandwiches, rolls and scones.


When possible our flour is also available for wholesale to local businesses, either to be used in your products or to be sold to the public. Please contact us for more information.

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