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Activities were perfect! Hands-on, interactive and fun! 


The Eling Tide Mill Experience is a unique opportunity to experience rare working technology, history, the natural world, and hands-on learning, all in one site!

Whether your main focus for a visit is history, natural science or STEM, there’s an opportunity for you and your pupils to explore real artefacts in a relevant learning context.

To view and download the Facilitated Sessions in our School Brochure, including frequently asked questions, click on the PDF document.

Facilitated Sessions

Exploring the Gingerbread Man              YR+

In this session we give the traditional tale a tide mill twist! Working in groups, children will try activities to explore waterwheels, the journey of wheat, historic hand-milling and the foods we make from flour, as well as having the chance to roll and cut their own Gingerbread Person. They will also have time to visit the mill itself. This is a two-hour session.

Children will:

·         Roll and cut their own Gingerbread People to be baked on site

·         Hear the traditional tale with an Eling Tide Mill focus

·         Discuss the grain chain sequence from wheat in the fields to flour for sale

·         Investigate waterwheels and try grinding wheat into flour


Clearing Granny’s Attic                           KS1                     

changes within living memory

We draw on our collections of everyday artefacts from the past for this session, giving children the chance to handle, explore, compare, discuss and make decisions.

Children will:

·         Physically explore a range of real historic artefacts, including toys

·         Explore similarities and differences, including materials

·         Make comparisons, have discussions,  come to decisions and give explanations


From Foragers to Farmers                        KS2      

exploring the changes from Stone Age to Iron Age                                          

Totton & Eling town is home to the oldest bridge archaeologists have found in England – providing evidence of a Bronze Age community from over 3,000 years ago. The Bronze Age dagger blade found during that excavation is on display in our Discovery Room, as are other archaeological artefacts. This session gives children the chance to explore the basics of archaeology through a series of discovery learning activities. This is a two-hour session.

Children will:

·         Visually explore real artefacts on display

·         Handle replica archaeology to gain a meaningful understanding of the past

·         Understand the chronology of the Stone Age to the Iron Age

·         Understand how life and use of materials changed across these periods


Our Town in the Past                               KS2

Children are given the task of helping Eling Tide Mill Experience answer an enquiry about a real person who lived in the town in the past. This is a two- hour session.

Children will:

·         Investigate primary sources to explore the past: maps, photographs, census material and historic artefacts

·         Use enquiry and problem-solving skills

·         Gain an understanding of how the town has changed over time


Mission: Machines!                                 KS2

In 1709 seven year old William Pillin became apprenticed to a miller in Eling. Drawing on what we imagine may have been William’s early experiences of working in a mill, children explore machines of the past – some of which William may have been familiar with - and which in some cases still help us today at Eling Tide Mill. This is a two-hour session.

Children will:

·         Investigate science in a real life context

·         Explore forces and pulleys

·         Examine simple domestic machines from the past


Coming soon: Habitats                            KS2

Children will:

Visit and compare two different habitats – Bartley Water Riverside (a small river which flows down to the sea next to Eling Tide Mill) and Goatee Beach (a nearby stretch of shoreline by Southampton Water).

Youth Groups

If you have a youth or uniformed group you’d like to bring out of school hours, please let us know. We have a facilitated session exploring the history of the tide mill and with the chance to explore waterwheels, historic artefacts and historic milling, as well as visit the Discovery Room and tide mill. The session 90 minutes or can be extended to two hours. 

Forest School

Forest School is a learning experience where children take part in achievable and enjoyable tasks in woodland or another natural environment. At Forest School children play, work with tools, learn how to look after themselves and manage risks they encounter. As they learn and succeed in tasks, they develop confidence, self-esteem and enjoy learning.


Originating in Denmark, Forest School is recognised to support the holistic development of children. It helps them develop key skills in communication and teamwork. Because Forest School helps develop resilient, sociable learners, it supports a child’s classroom learning. The outdoor spaces we have at Eling Tide Mill Experience offer the chance to explore areas of established oak woodland, open space by the river, and a stretch of shoreline by Southampton Water. We offer a minimum 6-week Introduction to Forest School programme for small groups of learners (15) of any age. Please email us for more information.

Finding Out More & Booking

Please call us on 023 8086 9575 during our business hours or email us on with your enquiry, or the session you’d like to book and some possible dates. Our Community Engagement Officer will be happy to respond. Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive a copy of your booking form and supporting documents, including a Hazard Information Sheet to support your Risk Assessment.

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